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Nihon sports

In 2017 Samourais opened a so called buisness account with Nihon Sport. This means that we can buy most of their products for a reduced price. On top of this discount, Samourais will take care of the shipping costs. Note that you have to be a member of Samourais to place an order. (See Benefits of becomming a member)

The discount is not limited to gi's and hakamas, but it also includes other training gear such as: belts, protection, weapons, bags etc. If you are interested, or have something you would like to buy, let us know through e-mail and we will investigate the possibilities.

Orders will be sent out at the end of each month, so your order will usually arrive in the first week of the following month.

Example products

Below we want to showcase the products, and discount, for the starter gi that we recommend for each discipline. Please note that the prices below are subject to change, you will get the exact price in a quote from the board through e-mail.

Adidas BJJ Challenge White (BJJ)

Brand: Adidas
Color: white
Weight: 350 g/m3
Material: 100% cotton

The perfect kimono for each level BJJ made of the highest quality, extremely light and comfortable cotton. Perfect to complete your first training courses in this exciting sport.

The pants are made of RipStop material and double reinforced knees. The adidas deliberately simple design provides ample room for patches on the whole Gi. link

Price (size 180): €72,81 €64,-

Arawaza Kumite Deluxe WKF (karate)

Brand: Arawaza
Color: white
Weight: 8 Oz
Material: Poly Cotton

The Arawaza Kumite Deluxe suit meets the quality and performance requirements of the Arawaza products that require a high level of training and competition. The ventilation functions, embossed fabric, modern design provide a strong suit.

The jacket is fitted with a silver "A" logo embroidered on the right breast side and neck. The pants have an elastic waistband and additional lacing. link

Price (size 180): €56,20 €37,-

Nihon judogi Rei

Brand: Nihon
Color: white
Weight: 475 g/m3
Material: Cotton

This judogi is suitable for the novice judokas and children. The value of this package is excellent.

Heavy quality extra white cotton that has been pre-washed and pre-shrunk. Therefore shrinks less than you are used to other brands. For years one of the most popular programs judogi. link

Price (size 180): €53,40 €36,-