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Intimidation protocol

This document has been set up by the board of the ESBV Samourais. Its purpose is to establish how we want to create a pleasant sporting environment where social and supportive behavior is stimulated and bullying and (sexual) intimidation is prevented. Furthermore it is stated how we will deal with these situations in the event that such an incident would occur. If we cannot come to a satisfactory solution with members involved in these types of situations sanctions will be used as they are described below.


We greatly value the idea that members of the Samourais and newcomers that come to try-out feel like they can train in a safe sporting environment. Where they do not feel sexually intimidated or harassed in any way. To minimize the risk of such incidences occurring, some ground rules have been set up which are meant for all members joining our training.

  1. I accept and respect differences between individuals. Everybody is valued equally.
  2. I will not bother others.
  3. I will not harm other members.
  4. I will not abuse a position of power.
  5. I will not be disrespectful to others.
  6. I will not ignore others.
  7. Bullying and gossiping will not be accepted.
  8. I will not fight or threaten people or bring weapons, unless they are needed for training purposes.
  9. I will not make unnecessary contact with others without his/her permission.
  10. I will not make unwanted sexual insinuation to another person.
  11. I will not ask inappropriate questions or make inappropriate remarks about another person’s looks or life.
  12. I someone is bothering me I will ask this person to stop. If this does not help I will ask for help.
  13. I will not violate the rules that are stated I the above and I will help others to do so. If needed I can talk to the board or a confidence contact.

Contact data of the confidence contact can be found on our site. Coaches/ trainers, board and members will be asked to meet and discuss with the board or the confidence contact if inappropriate behavior is experienced or seen.

Instructors / Coaches

For trainers/coaches there are some extra expectations besides the general code of conduct since they have a more active role within the students association. They are states as follows:

  1. The instructor has to provide and maintain an environment in which members can feel safe.
  2. The instructor will not treat a member in a way that will undermine the dignity of a member and will not act on the private situation of a member, more than necessary for the sports.
  3. The instructor will refrain from using his/her position of power to (sexually) intimidate members.
  4. Sexual behavior between instructors and members below the age of 16 is considered abuse and will not be condoned.
  5. The instructor will not touch a member in such a way that this will be experienced as sexual within reasonable boundaries. (touching privates areas such the breasts, the butt etc. is considered inappropriate)
  6. The instructor refrains from using verbal sexually tinted intimacy via any form of communication.
  7. The instructors/coaches will be respectful towards members/participants during travel (for competition etc.) both on the mat as on the location that are used for housing, locker-rooms, dressing rooms or a hotel.
  8. It is the instructor's duty, if it is within his/her power, to protect members from damage and abuse of power as a consequence of sexual harassment. If institutions are in place to help individuals facing these problems instructors are obliged to work with the institutions.
  9. An instructor will not accept any compensation which is given as a consideration for dealing with types of situations unrelated to the related sports event.

Dealing with situations of (sexual) intimidation.

If a member feels intimidated, sexually or not, they can notify the board or the confidence contact of the board.


Some sanctions are extern tot the club, this means if articles of the "Wetboek van Strafrecht" are broken. Internal sanctions can be given after agreement between the confidence contact and the board. The board will set the collective interest of its association above that of the individual member.