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Becoming a member of Samourais gives you ability to particiate in our activities and take exams. Membership costs 15 euro a year. You can pay by bank transfer or in cash.

Becoming a member is a three-step process. You first need to sign up for the Samourais association in the SSC registry. You can do this by logging in to your account on the SSC website and following these steps: profile -> organizations -> select 'Budo sporten - E.S.B.V. Samourais' -> save.

The second step to becoming a member giving us your contact information. You can do this following the steps in the form below.

The third step to becoming a member is paying your membership fee. This can be done as described in the 'Payment' section below

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Yearly membership fee is 15 euro. You can choose your payment method:

1. Transfer 15 euro to our bank account. Please include your name in the comments section of the transaction.

IBAN: NL35 INGB 0002 5409 84
Recipient: E.S.B.V Samourais

2. Bring cash to our treasurer Jorick Koningstein. You can usually find him at the dojo before or after the Karate training, and at Samourais activities.